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Help Accessing Power School Parent Portal

*These are new instructions. Please, follow steps carefully.


**Use Google Chrome!!

1. Login to PowerSchool Parent Portal

2. Instead of "signing in", click on "create an account" tab and the "create account button".

3. You will now create a parent account. You will enter a unique username and password.

4. You will then add your students under your log in. You will need their access codes for this process.

5. Click enter. **You should now be able to see each of your students under your new log in.                                     You will now have the credentials needed to login to the parent portal.


The main cause for an account not being setup correctly is the incorrect entry of the Access ID and Password. When you are setting up an account, the Access ID must be entered in proper case or it will not work. For example: "LivingstonABC" will not work if entered as "livingstonabc" or "LIVINGSTONABC."
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