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Study Skills Tips Vocabulary:
1. Ask your student to give you the definition of the word he/she is trying to learn.
2. Ask your student to use the word in a sentence.
3. Give your student the definition, and ask them for the word. (This should be LAST!)
     **Study a few words each night.  Don't cram!

Studying for Math Tests:
1. Study vocabulary in Math Journal. (See above.)
2. Study workbook pages and homework sheets.
3. Make yourself a practice test or have parent/friend make one for you.
4. Take your practice test, figure out where you are having trouble. Ask your teacher for extra help BEFORE the test!
5. Pay attention EVERYDAY! 6. Be at school - it is very important! **Daily Homework is CRUCIAL to math success.                     Parents should check homework, and ask students to rework mistakes.

Studying for Social Studies and Science Tests:
1. Make flash cards for vocabulary. (See above.)
2. Review notes/ study guides each night. (Take one section or a few questions each night to look over.)
3. Ask a grown-up or friend to ask you questions from the vocabulary and notes (just a few questions each night will                 make studying less overwhelming).
4. Make up a test for yourself--then take it. Remember to be as tough as your teacher! Have a grownup check it, and go         over it with you. **Having a grown up make up a test for you would be even better ;)

Studying for Map Quizzes:
1. Make flash cards. Put the state on one side, and the capital on the other. Remember those abbreviations, too! (You can      make these with any type of paper.)
2. Trace the map on a piece of paper. See if you can identify each state.
3. Label the new map with the capital and abbreviation.
4. Do this several times until you get them all right! *If you try these tricks, I guarantee your grades will improve!!

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